About Bulga

Sometimes it is nice to know a little bit about the people behind local, family owned business’ like Bulga Estates. Since the web can be an isolating experience,we endeavour to let you know who we are, where we can be contacted and a little about our background.


The Bulga Story

In 1893, two brothers armed with ten pounds and a sense of adventure, were among the first settler’s to the ‘Bulga Region’ (pronounced bol-ja). Bulga, consisting of a watering hole and some cleared land, became the home of the two brothers, William and Albert Ward, on what is now called the Bulga Road.

Today, the Ward Family still remains on Bulga Road, west of Swan Hill, Australia, maintaining the family’s traditional commitment to excellence and innovation.

Since the family had been situated for over a century at Bulga, outlasting the small township, it only seemed fitting that we recognised this and breathe new life into an old name.

Having settled before Australia’s Federation, our family has seen drought, fire, two World Wars, a depression, the rise and fall of the Riverboat trade during our time at Bulga. Naturally we have a great affinity with this part of the world.

Various challenges presented to different family generations through the decades have been met with typical good humour and a tenacity to overcome. This ‘can do’, yet relaxed approach, is a characteristic that we are proud of. We aim to let this approach filter through to our products and customer service.

At Bulga Estates or Bulga as we like to call it, we provide a high quality yet relaxed wine drinking experience. Enjoy.


About our Logo

The Bulga Estates vineyard features a natural oasis of native gum trees. This group of trees have been a significant feature of our landscape for many years. A watering hole dug out by Albert Ward in 1928 with a bullock and plough still remains there today. We are thrilled that our company symbol depicts an aerial view of this sentimental, yet tranquil setting. Situated in the logo centre is the watering hole created early last century.

John Ward May Ward

About John and May Ward

John & May Ward are the third generation farmers to reside at Bulga Road.

John Ward continues to manage the viticultural aspects of Bulga Estates since he first commenced planting of the vineyard.

May Ward is involved with the business operations of Bulga Estates.